Tech Briefs


Anisogrid payload adapter Anisogrid Payload Adapter for Vega Launcher
rak-mek-2-2016 A shell facet model for preliminary design of cylindrical
composite structures
stiffened-panel-case-study Design-Optimization of Composite Structures Based on Lay-up Parameterization
sampe-longbeach-2016-optimization Design-Optimization of a Curved Layered Composite Panel Using Efficient Laminate Parameterization
Nonlinear collapse Nonlinear collapse analysis of a launcher structure with imperfection sensitivity study
Thin-walled cylinder Thin-walled cylinders are sensitive to imperfections
Cylinder stability Quick and clean technology for composite cylinder stability analysis
Wing spar Preliminary design of a wing spar bonded joint
experimental-data-in-analyses Using Experimental Test Data in the Analysis of Laminated Structures
nwc-2013 Design Optimization of a Composite Car Body
clt-coupling-b13 Making a laminate twist
 free-ede At the origins of delamination stresses - Free edge analysis gives insight
 stuctures-are-not-ideal-small Structures are not ideal - Challenges of buckling analyses
 nonlinear-panel-small Considering large deflections in panels - ESAComp 4.4 introduces nonlinear analysis
Cylinder optimization Design-Optimization of Cylindrical, Layered Composite Structures Using Efficient Laminate Parameterization
Lay-up optimization Engineering oriented formulation for laminate lay-up optimization
Probabilistic Probabilistic Laminate Analysis Using ESAComp Software
Electronics housing CFRP Electronics Housing for a Satellite
Transverse shear Transverse Shear in Laminate Analysis
Bonded joint Facilities in ESAComp for Analysis and Design of Adhesive Bonded Joints