improve.itESAComp e-learning is available through the established framework of, easily accessible on pay-per-view basis and with high technical quality.

The e-learning course "Introduction to the design of composite structures with ESAComp software" by Componeering consists of four modules, 1h and 30' each:

  1. Materials and laminate basics
  2. Structural elements
  3. Laminate discontinuities and FE interfaces
  4. Advanced laminate analyses

The online course gives a thorough overview of ESAComp capabilities with reference to the underlying theoretical approaches and the application of the capabilities to real engineering work. The target audience is engineers and researchers that are starting to use ESAComp, but also more experienced users may find the course content informative. The course serves also as a general introduction to application of simulation in composite design and may therefore be of interest to someone whose main interest is not in ESAComp software itself.

As part of the course tuition the attendees receive a 30-day access to the online high quality video lectures. Course attendees that are not yet ESAComp users may apply for an ESAComp evaluation license for course use by sending email to Componeering.

The e-learning course can be purchased online from the organization or from Componeering (send email to us). To learn more about the course, see the course description on